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Let me be a seal upon your heart,
  Like the seal upon your hand.
                                      ~ Song of Songs 8:6

                                        “Let our home be a sanctuary,
                                        a place of healing and growth.”
                                                          ~ Debra Cash and David Fillingham


Weddings and Commitments

Planning your wedding together is the beginning of understanding how each of you can support one another.

I offer you expert counseling on your ceremony and the importance of creating a special place of comfort and support in your future home together:

  • Building a strong relationship on values which are timeless
  • Creating bonds which draw you ever closer to each other
  • Learning why commitment to Jewish Education and ritual observance can make a difference for you and your future family
  • Learning how to make room for respecting each other’s differences

I have been creating beautiful and spiritual wedding ceremonies for many years. I am licensed in Washington, DC and New York City and can officiate in Maryland and Virginia. I can assist you in planning, understanding and personalizing the ceremony and I have a list of referrals for your Ketubah, Rings, Huppah, and musicians for the ceremony.

“We shall treasure and respect each other with honor and integrity as we create a loving future together.”

    ~ Mickie Caspi        

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