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Mazal Bueno

Life Cycle Services

- Birth or Naming Celebration
- Bar/Bat Mitzvah
- Weddings
- Confirmation
- Counseling
- Renewal of Vows
- Service to celebrate circumcision
- Conversion
- Rabbinic Consultation
- Pastoral Consultation
- Personal, Executive, Spiritual Coaching
- Memorial or Funeral Services: 
     - Prior to Burial
     - Funeral
     - Graveside
     - Returning to the Home
     - Unveiling

In Washington, DC, Maryland, and Virginia

“We rejoice! A child has come into the world. We rejoice as we welcome this child into the Brit, the Covenant between God and the Jewish people.”

“There is a blessing for everything.”


“A season is set for everything, a time for every experience under heaven.”

~ Ecclesiastes

“We highly appreciate your true
leadership in educating our children
together with many other Jewish
youth in Jewish values.”

~ The Gilboa Family                                       


“The deepest wisdom man can attain
is to know that his destiny is to aid, to serve.”

~ Rabbi Abraham
Joshua Heschel

“The achingly beautiful ceremony kept us in a thrall that will etch the memory keenly into our minds.”

~ Amber Scholtz

“Your people shall be my people, and your God, my God.”

~Ruth 1:16 

“The spirituality and caring you gave my mother’s funeral will never be forgotten by her family and friends.”

~ Eric R. Fox               


God heals broken hearts, and binds up wounds.

~ Psalm 147:3                                                                           

“Gary and I want to thank you so much for the beautiful wedding ceremony... It was just lovely and we have gotten so many compliments on what a warm, personal, and traditional ceremony it was.”

~ Hilary Goldberg

“My mother spent the last weeks of her life listening to you lead the davening on Shabbat. It was a lifeline for her and I will never forget it.”

~ Jackie Levinson

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