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Composer, Recording Artist


Rabbi Arnold Saltzman has been profiled by America's leading newspapers, magazines and television stations (NY Times, Washington, Post, The New Republic, Opera News, ABC, NBC, PBS, TV2 - Denmark). He is known for his spiritual services, teaching, and creative work with choirs, and as a composer of symphonies and opera. He began his career as a child singer with the Metropolitan Opera in NYC, RCA Victor (The Sound of Children, Mm, Mm, Good! commercial). He sang with world famous cantors, Moshe Ganchoff, David and Moshe Kusevitzky, and Sholom Katz. His voice has been heard in concert, on television, radio and web broadcasts around the world.

He studied with composers Leo Edwards, Robert Sanders and Miriam Gideon. His works have received critical acclaim and have been performed at the Clarice Smith Center for the Performing Arts at University of Maryland, Strathmore Performing Arts Center, and Lisner Auditorium at George Washington University.

He is the recipient of over fifty foundation grants for music and composition, and numerous awards.  Having appeared in many broadcasts, videos, and on DVD, as composer, cantor, and conductor, he is cited in 'Crazy Rhythm' by Leonard Garment, and 'Special Events' by Joe Goldblatt. He has served on the boards of Interseminary Dialogue, Ann  Frank House, and the Bínai Bírith Klutznick National Jewish Museum. As a performer he has appeared  at the Kennedy Center Concert Hall and Opera House, the National Cathedral, and Strathmore Performing Arts Center.


“For a long time now the Lord has endowed me with a talent for music and for the science of singing...and this inspired me to praise the Lord as best I could.”

~ Salomone Rossi, Renaissance composer of Mantua

"It was the entire Jewish heritage that moved me deeply, and it was reborn in my music."

~ Ernest Bloch, composer


Original Works


An Israel Symphony - part of the Kennedy Center ’Celebration of Israel’ in Washington, DC 1998, commissioned by Eric Fox, Amber Scholtz, and Karen Fox.

Rescue in Denmark Symphony - TV2 Denmark

An American Symphony - Premiered in 2003 at the Clarice Smith Center for the Performing Arts, University of Maryland

The Seven Last Poems of Yehudah Halevi Choral Symphony
(work in progress)

Youth Choir and Adult Choir

The Founding Fathers Suite - Thomas Jefferson, Equal Laws, Epilogue from Touro.


Touro - world premiere May 1995 at George Washington University

Ballet-Chamber Music

The Little Rooster Who Couldn't Crow

Solomon and the Dove


So Fair a World it Was

Slowly, Slowly, Wisdom Gathers

Religious Music

Psalm 121 - Essa Einai for Baritone and Soprano commissioned by Supreme Court Justice Arthur Goldberg

Ki L’Cha Tov L’Hodot - Complete Hallel for Confirmation

Yismach Moshe - Saturday Morning Service settings for Youth Choir

“Sing unto God a new song...with the harp and the voice of song...”

~ Psalm 98

“If only all the world could feel the power of harmony.” 

~ Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart

“I always hoped that this land might become a safe and agreeable asylum to the virtuous and persecuted part of mankind, to whatever nation they might belong.”

~ George Washington



An Israel Symphony, conducted by Joel Lazar

Solomon and the Dove for five instruments and narrator

Rescue In Denmark Symphony

An Israel Symphony and Gala Concert

An American Symphony and the Founding Fathers Suite

The Festive Table with Carol Nissenson and Bruce Steeg


L’Hitpalel: Music of the Sabbath Morning Service with Russell Woollen

Shabbat with Spirit:
Music For the Friday Evening Service accompanied
by  Dr. J. Thomas Mitts

Ki L’cha Tov L’Hodot: It Is Good To Give Thanks

~ A Hallel Service for Confirmation (recording has not been released).

Synagogue Music of the 19th Century

~ Hazzan Arnold Saltzman accompanied by Dr. Geoffrey Simon

The Sound of Children produced by Hugo and Luigi for RCA Victor

~ The Campbell Soup Commercial (Mm! Mm! Good!) with RCA Victor


Descriptions of Works

'An Israel Symphony' was composed in celebration of the 50th anniversary of the State of Israel. It is a work in four movements depicting both the physical and spiritual landscape of Israel. 

'Solomon and the Dove' was created as a children’s ballet for four or five instruments, youth dance school, and narrator. It is a story about spiritual healing and peace.

'Rescue in Denmark Symphony' is a tribute to the Scandinavians who participated in the Rescue of Jews during WWII. This symphony was written by me to draw attention to the fact that the people of Denmark rescued virtually all of their Jewish population through acts of courage.

'An American Symphony', my third symphony, is a tribute to the Founding American Presidents for their enlightened views on Religious Freedom. I have always felt a kinship to those who conceptualized the Declaration of Independence, the Constitution, and the Bill of Rights. I previously explored this theme in my opera Touro. The work consists of four movements, each a cameo of four early presidents: Washington, Jefferson, Madison, and Monroe. It is my intention to write another work on the subject of John Adams.

'The Last Seven Poems of Yehudah Halevi', a work in progress for full orchestra, chorus, youth choir, Mezzo Soprano and Baritone soloists. This work is a religious expression of God’s presence in our lives, and a statement that our journey is one which should bring us closer to greater faith and love.

The opera,  'Touro'
Touro is a work set in Newport, Rhode Island during the American Revolution. It focuses on the promise of the new land, America, and the concern of continued persecution. Musically it is set in the style of the classical period as a tribute to Mozart. In aria and recitative format. It can be performed as a four act opera with Epilogue, and as a fully staged work. The orchestration minimally requires thirteen instruments.

'The Founding Fathers Suite'
A collection of three works set to texts by Jefferson, Madison, and Washington written (to the Jewish community). For Youth Choir, Adult Choir, Piano and Orchestra.

'The Little Rooster Who Couldn’t Crow'
An original story by Arnold Saltzman for very young children set on a farm which deals with the theme of healing and prayer. For Cello, Flute, Oboe, Guitar, Narrator, and five dancers.

'Solomon and the Dove'
An original story of healing based on the wisdom of Solomon the King.
For Cello, Flute, Oboe, Guitar, Narrator, and dancers

'The Festive Table Recording Series - Passover, Shabbat, Hanukkah'
These were created to teach, entertain, and enhance your Sabbath and Holiday celebrations at home. They contain a mixture of traditional, Sephardic, and contemporary songs with Carol Nissenson, soprano, accompanied by Bruce Steeg.

'L’Hitpalel: Music of the Sabbath', accompanied by Russell Woollen, presents the service in manner that will enable the listener to use it for prayer and meditation, or for learning the texts and chanting the service itself. Traditional Hymns, and prayers for the Torah are included. This album has been brought to many European countries in order to help in the revival of Jewish worship services.

'Shabbat with Spirit' Music For the Friday Evening Service accompanied by  Dr. J. Thomas Mitts, is a collection of popular melodies and chanting in order to encourage congregational participation.

'Synagogue Music of the 19th Century' Hazzan Arnold Saltzman accompanied Dr. Geoffrey Simon. Music of the Service of 19th Century America. Available through the Jewish Historical Society: Lillian and Albert Small Museum.

Create a Choir in your congregation for adults or youth.

  • Director/Founder of the Adas Israel Youth Choir for 25 years
  • Directed the Adas Israel Quartet and Chorale
  • Performed at Dedication of the US Holocaust Memorial Museum
  • Inaugural Program for President William Jefferson Clinton
  • Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. Service with Turner AME Church
  • Interfaith Council Planning and Concerts

“...Let the trees of the forest break forth into song...”
~ Psalm 96

“...But when I come today to sing to you...I become smaller than the youngest of your sons, or the least of your poets...”
~ Jerusalem of Gold by Naomi Shemer

“A Powerful ‘Rescue in Denmark.”
~ Washington Post

“Last evening was one we shall long remember...”
~ (Rescue in Denmark) Flora Atkins

“The Symphony and the program last night were an inspiration, skillfully planned and skillfully presented.”
~ (Rescue in Denmark) Rabbi Stanley Rabinowitz

“I very much enjoyed your outstanding composition.”
~ (An Israel Symphony) Ambassador of Israel, Zalman Shoval

“We were truly overwhelmed by the excellence of the symphony...”
~ (Rescue in Denmark) Gus Goldberger, rescued as a child in Denmark

“No amount of accolades can fully describe the beauty and poetry of your Danish Symphony last night. Superb is the only word.
~ Mrs. Faye Cohen

“ I have spent many hours at Adas Israel but none more beautiful than last Wednesday.”
~ (Rescue in Denmark) Mrs. Estelle Gelman

“One million people in Denmark have now heard pieces of your symphony.”
~ TV2 - Denmark

“Songs for the Soul.”
~ (L’Hitpalel) Baltimore Jewish Times

“Saltzman’s ‘Touro’ is a musical masterpiece.”
~ Washington Jewish Week

“An Israel Symphony, his debut in the genre, is warmly energetic and pleasing to the ear...Melodically flowing and straight to the point.”
~ The Washington Post

“Shabbat With Spirit is uplifting and enjoyable.”
~ Rabbi Bernard M. Zlotowitz

“Your Symphony No.1 is truly moving and beautiful capturing in music the essence of Israel.”
~ Stu Eizenstat

“They who sow in tears shall reap with songs of joy.”
~ Psalm 126

For information regarding music scores and performances please contact me. The recordings are currently out of print with the exception of the three symphonies.

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