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Rabbi Arnold Saltzman one of the best known spiritual leaders
of the greater Washington, DC community, serving as Rabbi, Educator, Cantor,
composer and recording artist, has been profiled by leading newspapers, magazines
and television (NY Times, Washington Post, The New Republic, Opera News, ABC,
NBC, PBS, TV-2 of Denmark).

He is known for his spiritual services, teaching, and creative work with choirs, and as
composer of symphonies and opera. He began his career as a child singer with the
Metropolitan Opera in NYC, and RCA Victor (The Sound of Children & Mm, Mm, Good! commercial for Campbell Soup).

Rabbi of Three Congregations
As of September 2011 Rabbi Saltzman began serving as rabbi of Sha'are Shalom in
Waldorf, Maryland. Sha'are Shalom which has a new building is affiliated with the Union of Reform Judaism, has an active membership and religious school. His
responsibilities include Shabbat Morning Services, Adult Education, Confirmation, Life Cycle and advising the Educational Director on curriculum.

Since 2005 Rabbi Saltzman has served Congregation Beit Chaverim of Calvert
County, Maryland as its Rabbi and Director of Religious Education. Beit Chaverim
meets at St. Paul's Episcopal in Prince Frederick, Maryland and its religious school
meets at the Calverton School on Sundays. Rabbi Saltzman has conducted life cycle
events, B'nei Mitzvah, Confirmation, naming ceremonies, Adult Education in preparation for choosing Judaism, Conversions to Judaism, Jewish weddings and Jewish Interfaith weddings.

He is a member of the Calvert County Interfaith Council, the Calvert County
International Day of Peace, The Southern Maryland Action Coalition, and serves on the Board of the United Way of Southern Maryland in Prince Frederick.

In 2007 he began his association with Hevrat Shalom Congregation of Maryland as Rabbi and Educational Director. He plans services and co-officiates with a wonderful group of colleagues, including Cantors Carol Dale and Beth Rubens, and his associate rabbi, Rabbi David Kuperman. In addition he serves on the Educational Directors Council of the Partnership in Jewish Life in Learning. Rabbi Saltzman has conducted life cycle events, B'nei Mitzvah, Confirmation, naming ceremonies, Adult Education in preparation for choosing Judaism, Conversions to Judaism, Jewish weddings and Jewish Interfaith weddings. Hevrat Shalom services were located at Prince of Peace church in Gaithersburg for ten years and currently Hevrat Shalom has Friday evening Shabbat services at Ingleside in King Farm (Rockville), Maryland.

Rabbi Saltzman leads services at these congregations and specializes in creating a
connection between religious education and Jewish worship services. He is supportive of working with Interfaith couples and families, involving them in Jewish religious services and study. He has been recognized for his work in the community and has created a Distinguished Guest Speaker Program at Hevrat Shalom.

Rabbi Saltzman is one of the most frequent rabbinic leaders of weddings and services
for B'nei Mitzvah at the 6th and I Historic Synagogue in downtown Washington, DC, as well as throughout the surrounding metropolitan area. In addition he has conducted programs at the Jewish Historical Society of Greater Washington, Lillian and Albert Small Museum as well as services at the Lloyd Street Synagogue in Baltimore (Jewish Museum of Maryland).

In 2010 he was a featured guest artist at the American Guild of Organists
where he presented a Jewish Worship Service featuring the music of
Salamone Rossi at the 6th and I Historic Synagogue in DC. In addition the Trinity
Chamber Orchestra of Maryland
performed the Washington, DC premiere of his An American Symphony: Monroe (Gazette News & NW Current News).

Rabbi Saltzman is active in Maryland, DC, and Virginia performing weddings, officiating at Life Cycle events, preparing Bar /Bat Mitzvah students and conducting their services, and maintains an active role as spiritual guide throughout the region.
He studied for the Rabbinate at the Academy for Jewish Religion in Riverdale, New York as a full time student for three years, followed by another year with Rabbi Joseph Gelberman, and received his Smicha (Ordination) in June 2008. During his studies he maintained a residence in NYC and commuted from Washington, DC. A graduate of Columbia University's Teacher's College, Rabbi Saltzman did additional post graduate and doctoral work at Teachers College. He received a Bachelor of Arts from Brooklyn College of the City University of New York. Upon receiving his Masters Degree from Columbia University he studied at the Jewish Theological Seminary of America - H.L Miller School of the Cantorial Arts, graduating with a Bachelor of Sacred Music and Diploma of Hazzanut.

From 1977-1981 he served Congregation Beth El in Plainfield, New Jersey as their
Cantor. While there he founded a Youth Choir which participated regularly in services, directed the Congregational Choir which participated in every Friday Evening service, and he participated in all clergy life-cycle responsibilities. In addition he taught and designed the B'nei Mitzvah program. Rabbi Moshe Samber was his colleague during these four years.

From 1981-2005 he served as Cantor of the Adas Israel Congregation, and from 2005-2008 he was Chair of Jewish Music. While Cantor at Adas Israel he was featured on the ABC-TV Network in the United States and Canada in the broadcast of the Hush of Midnight by Charles Davidson. He was featured in 1987 in one of the first international television Broadcasts seen via satellite in the United Sates, Israel, and Europe (Next Year in Jerusalem). He was selected to open the first international cantors convention in Israel by singing in the Knesset.

His opera, Touro, which premiered at the George Washington University, was critically acclaimed, and his symphonies, An Israel Symphony, Rescue in Denmark Symphony, An American Symphony, have all been praised by critics and audiences. He is the founder of the Adas Israel Youth Choir which he directed for twenty-five years, including programs for the dedication of the United States Holocaust Memorial Museum and the Inauguration of President William Jefferson Clinton, Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. program at Howard University. His work has been recognized nationally and internationally for its creativity and artistry.

From 1981 to 1987 his rabbinic colleagues and included Rabbi Stanley Rabinowitz and Rabbi Stephen Chaim Listfield; from 1987-2005 his colleagues included Rabbi Jeffrey A. Wohlberg, Rabbi Avis Miller, Rabbi Justin David, Rabbi Winoker, and Rabbi Alex Pollack; from 2005 to 2009 his colleague was Rabbi Reuben Levine.
Rabbi Sal tzman includes among his mentors Or thodox, Conservat ive,
Reconstructionist, and Reform Rabbis: Rabbi Isaac Mann (Talmud, Codes, and
Midrash), Rabbi Stanley Rabinowitz, Rabbi Reuben Levine, Dr. Shoshana Marcus,
Rabbi Stephen David Franklin (Homiletics), Rabbi Bernard Zlotowitz (Jewish
Commentary, the Archeology of the Bible), Rabbi Jill Hammer, Rabbi Eric Hoffman
(Talmud and Midrash), Varda Hubara (Hebrew), Rabbi Michael Pitkowsky (Talmud and Rabbinics), Dr. Ora Horn Prouser (Bible), Rabbi Bonita Taylor (Denominations and Chaplaincy, and Rabbi James Michaels (Smith Communities).

“I seek a blend of our traditions including Ashkenazic and Sephardic traditions, seeking to find a balance for a Modern Jewish approach to our remarkable religious heritage. My congregations are welcoming while at the same time striving to define what is special about our beliefs, practices, and traditions. In addition we seek to support Jewish learning which explores our sacred texts, liturgy, history, and practice. We practice Tikkun Olam, Repairing the World, as a commandment.”

“My goal is to assist you in raising up your life to greater fulfillment and spiritual
connection. My work is to know you and walk together with you in the way of Jewish
tradition and its adaptation to a modern world. This is a journey I look forward to every day of my life. In a way, we look forward while we study to past. I invite you to join me on this exciting path of life and learning.”


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