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“When I became Bar Mitzvah, my grandfather, Eleazar of Amsterdam, of blessed memory, came to me one night in a vision and gave me another soul in exchange for mine. Ever since then I have been a different person.”

~ Shalom of Belz from Putting God on the Guest List by Rabbi Jeffrey Salkin


The Bar/Bat Mitzvah experience is one that can influence a child and a family for a lifetime. Having a positive learning experience in which a child makes the transition to young adulthood is essential for future participation in Jewish life and increases the desire to have this experience repeated in future generations.

Bar / Bat Mitzvah is a time of demonstrating that we can take on the challenge of continuing Jewish Education, of increasing our ability to participate in services and our role in leading services. It is a time when Torah study, regular attendance at services, and acts of kindness (gemilut chasadim) become the quest of the young adult.

Bar/Bat Mitzvah is a path into Judaism, not the exit sign.
I have taught over 1500 B’nai Mitzvah students over a thirty-year period and have always been sought after as a guide and teacher. I am committed to helping the student and family have a religious experience and achieve a memorable milestone.

I offer the following services

Bar Mitzvah Tutor in Maryland, Washington, DC, and Virginia

  • Evaluation of student skills
  • Deciding on the family goals and participation in service
  • Exploring Mitzvah projects and selecting a worthy project
  • Working on a plan of study including Torah, Haftorah and Prayer goals
  • Trope Trainer orientation. Computer program which assists student in mastery of trope skills for Torah and Haftarah
  • Study and examination of the text, with commentaries
  • Work on Hebrew literacy

Additional Services for unaffiliated families

  • Help you design a service to suit your religious background and needs
  • Work with you on content of a personalized siddur
  • Assist you in finding a Torah for the service
  • Realize aspects of the preparation in a meaningful way
  • Conduct your service in a musical and friendly manner, which engages your family and guests


“You don’t have to be a grown up to be great.”

~ Shalom Aleichem

“A special thank you to Rabbi Arnold Saltzman for his endearing patience and determination to realize this happy occasion (Zoe’s Bat Mitzvah) as a spiritual and joyful time.”

~ Ambassador and Mrs. Daniel Ayalon
Ambassador of Israel to the United States

“Your lessons were not only educational but enjoyable. I learned to read Hebrew much better than before, but more importantly, you opened my mind to the world of things relating to Judaism that I have yet to discover.”

~ Claire M., Bat Mitzvah

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